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new products

Explore Assay Biotechnology's new product lines which include phosphorylation specific Sandwich ELISA and Cell-Based Fluorometric
ELISA Kits, IHC validated Monoclonal Antibodies.

Cell-Based Flourometric

Phospho Sandwich
Elisa Kits

IHC Monoclonal Antibodies

our products

Assay Biotechnology has over 10,000 in house products ready for immediate shipment to meet research needs. Our products are highly spe-
cific and provide a high through put detection of protein expression. As as original manufacturer of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies,
Assay Biotech is please to provide reliable solutions at low cost.


2,000+ Traditional Sandwich ELISA Kits, High-Sensitivity ELISA Kits, Cell-Based ELISA Kits, and DNA-Binding ELISA Kits.

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7,500+ Phospho-Specific, Methyl-Specific, Acetyl-Specific, and Total Protein Primary Antibodies for WB, IHC, ICC, IF, ELISAs.

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Assay Kits

150+ Homogeneous Assay Kits for Metabolites and Metabolic Enzymes via Fluorometric, Colorimetric, and Luminescent Detection.

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Dyes and Quenchers

1000+ Fluorescent Dyes, Quenchers, Conjugates, Enzymes, Crosslinkers available to meet a wide variety of research needs.

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Scienitific Resources

Check out our guides, protocols and pathways for more information about our product and how to use them. If you need additional
help or have questions, see our support section.

Antibody Product Guide

ELISA Product Guide

ELISA Protocols

Antibody Protocols

Phosphorylated Pathways