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About Us

About Us

Our company

            Since our inception in January of 2006, Assay Biotechnology has been a worldwide contributor of industry-leading antibody and assay technologies, fluorescent dyes, quenchers, recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides. Located in the heart of California’s San Francisco Bay Area, we have strived to answer the global need for high quality assay kits and immunological reagents used in academic and pharmaceutical research that formulate the basis of healthcare.


           As of May 2022, Immunoway Biotechnology and Assay Biotechnology Company, Inc. have officially merged. Together, we will provide a complete immunological product line for life science users world-wide. Utilizing the combination of the ever-expanding and revolutionary innovations from both companies, plus Immunoway’s superior manufacturing capabilities and expanded marketing channels, we strive to provide every scientist in the world Immunoway products.



Our Mission

           Our mission is to provide superior quality and highly validated Polyclonal Antibodies (pAbs), Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs), genetically engineered antibodies, Sandwich ELISA kits, and Cell-Based ELISA kits for all life science research applications. We look forward to providing better immunological tools and becoming a world-class life science industry partner.


Our Address:

United States

47787 Fremont Blvd.

Fremont CA, 94538

Hours of operation:

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM PST Monday - Friday

Our Products:

Primary Antibodies - Polyclonal (pAb) and Monoclonal (mAb)
ELISA kits - Sandwich ELISA kits and Cell-Based ELISA kits
Secondary Antibodies - Various Conjugations

Contact Details:

Phone: 1 (408) 747-0185 Fax: 1 (408) 747-0145
Technical Support:
Sales/Marketing Enquiries: