Fluorometric Cell-Based Phospho ELISA Kits

CytoFluor™ Fluorometric Cell-Based ELISA

The CytoFluor™ Phospho Cell-Based ELISAs provides a convenient method for high-throughput screening of the effects of various drugs, metabolites and various treatment effects on protein expression and phosphorylation profiles in whole cells.


  • Detection of phosphorylated protein markers in adherent and suspension cells
  • Convenient and ready-to-use
  • Sample preparation not necessary
  • Minimum of 5,000 cells required per well
  • High-sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio
  • Can be used with human mouse and rat targets in their respective cell lines
  • Detection via Ex/Em 651/667 , Ex/Em 495/521
  • Normalization via Anti-GAPDH

Kit Components

  • 2 x 96-Well Tissue Culture Microplates
  • 100x Anti-Phospho Target Primary Antibody
  • 100x Anti-Target Primary Antibody
  • 100x Anti-Control Primary Antibody
  • Dye 1-Conjugated Anti-Rabbit IgG Secondary Antibody
  • Dye 2-Conjugated Anti-Mouse IgG Secondary Antibody
  • 10x TBS
  • 15x Wash Buffer
  • Quenching Buffer
  • Blocking Buffer
  • Primary Antibody Diluent
  • SDS Solution
  • Adhesive Plate Seals
  • Technical Manual