Phospho DNA Binding ELISA Kits

TFact™ Phospho DNA-Binding ELISA Kits

The TFact™ Phospho DNA-Binding ELISA utilizes an indirect ELISA method to facilitate the detection and qualitative determination of active transcription factor profiles in a variety of nuclear and cell lysates. Methods such as electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSAs), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), Western Blotting (WB) and reporter gene fusion are often time-consuming and complicated. Our proprietary TFact™ ELISAs have been developed to significantly reduce the effective assay time compared to traditional methods, remove the need for harmful radioactive labeling, and ultimately eliminate extraneous challenges to help expedite the journey from research to publication or product.


  • Detection of activated transcription factors
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • No harmful radioactive labeling necessary
  • Convenient and ready-to-use
  • High-sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio
  • 450 nm colorimetric detection
  • Over 130 unique transcription factor targets
  • For use with nuclear and cell lysates from human, mouse or rat cells

Kit Components

  • 12x 8-Well dsDNA Oligonucleotide Coated Microstrips
  • 100x Anti-Target Primary Antibody
  • 100x Phospho Anti-Target Primary Antibody
  • HRP-Conjugated Anti-Rabbit IgG Secondary Antibody
  • Nuclear Lysate Positive Control
  • Wild-Type Consensus dsDNA Oligonucleotide
  • Mutant Consensus dsDNA Oligonucleotide
  • 10x Wash Buffer
  • 2x Binding Buffer
  • Primary Antibody Diluent
  • 100x Protease and Phosphatase Inhibitors
  • Nuclear Wash Buffer
  • Cytoplasmic Extraction Buffer
  • Nuclear Extraction Buffer
  • Ready-to-Use Substrate
  • Stop Solution
  • Adhesive Plate Seals
  • Technical Manual